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Homophones, Homonyms, Homographs – Differences and Examples

The English language is full of words that either sound the same, are spelled the same, or both – but mean different things. These are called homophones, homonyms, and homographs, and their prefix, homo-, means same in Latin. And it’s no wonder they often confuse native speakers and English learners. …

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Raise vs rays

Raise and rays are two words that are pronounced in the same manner, but are spelled differently and have different mrniangs. They are homophones. We will examine the definitions of raise and rays, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences. Raise, when used as …

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Weather vs. Whether vs. Wether – What’s the Difference?

Is it weather or whether or not? And what is a whether? If you struggle with the spelling and use of these homonyms, you aren’t alone. All three, despite having the same pronunciation, mean very different things. Let’s look at their definitions and meanings so you better understand how to …

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Road vs. Rode

A road is a wide street or lane, usually with an asphalt or concrete surface. A road provides a clear pathway of travel from place to place. A road may also be a figurative path of travel on a life journey, a series of events leading to a particular ending …

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Peer vs pier

Peer means 1.) to look searchingly or with difficulty, to attempt to obtain a clearer view of something 2.) a person or thing that is equal with another specified person or thing in status, ability, rank or age. 3.) a member of British or Irish nobility, including the ranks of …

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Rain vs. Rein vs. Reign Difference in Definition Spelling 2

Rain vs. Rein vs. Reign – Difference in Definition & Spelling

Rain, reign, and rein. They may seem simple words, but their similarity in sound can cause so much confusion, especially for writers. I always see these three words commonly misused or misspelled in indie books, leading to misunderstandings and sometimes even hilarious situations. So, I’ll delve into the differences between …

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Faint vs. Feint

Feint is a pretended attack used to distract an enemy. In boxing, a feint may be a blow that provokes a defensive action to one part of the opponent’s body while the boxer delivers a more destructive punch to another part of the opponent’s body. A feint may be a …

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