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One of the three degrees of comparison is the superlative degree. We use it to describe something or someone with the highest degree of characteristics among a group.

Review the definition and use of superlatives, then answer the three worksheets I made to check your mastery of the topic.

What Is a Superlative?

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A superlative adjective is the highest degree of comparison in English adjectives. There are three ways to form superlatives:

  1. Short adjectives require -est in the end. Some examples include brightest, biggest, and tallest. If the word ends in -y, change it to i. For instance, happy becomes happiest.
  2. Long adjectives use most before the word. Some examples include most intelligent, most terrible, and most sophisticated.
  3. Some adjectives require spelling changes, such as worst, farthest, and best.

Some 2-syllable adjectives can use rule 1 or 2. For example, quiet can become quietest or most quiet.

Use superlatives when describing something in a group of three or more. For example:

  • The blue whale is the biggest animal on the planet.
  • Amy is the youngest of four siblings.
  • I am the happiest man on earth.

Do not use the when we compare one thing with itself. For example:

  • She is kindest when she’s in a good mood.
Superlative Exercise #1

Superlative Exercise #1

Choose the correct answer.

What is the superlative form of expensive?
Lebanon is _______ country on earth.
When do we not use ‘the’ when expressing the superlative form of an adjective?
Which adjective requires a change in spelling when expressed in superlative form?
What is a superlative adjective?
TRUE or FALSE: We can use superlatives in groups of two or more.
Everyone believes John is ______ student in class.
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Superlative Exercise #2

Superlative Exercise #2

Write the superlative form of the adjective.
Example: Distant
Answer: Most distant

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Superlative Exercise #3

Superlative Exercise #3

Fill in the blanks with the superlative form of the adjective.

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Summarizing Superlatives

The superlative degree compares three or more things to show which one has the most or least degree of the characteristic. Remember:

  • Use the when comparing three or more nouns.
  • Don’t use the when comparing something to itself.
  • Some adjectives require -est, while others require most.
  • Best, worst, and other adjectives require a change in spelling.
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